Larry Mersereau, Business Growth Speaker

Differentiate or Disappear

NEW presentation series from author Larry Mersereau, CTC
All based on his most popular book: STAND OUT! Differentiate or Disappear

STAND OUT from the crowd BRANDING
Separate your organization from the sea of competing options with a powerful,
clearly-differentiated brand. This session shares the simple, doable… effective
strategies and tactics from Larry’s most popular book; STAND OUT!
You’ll learn how to position your brand against all competitors; large and small,
local and online… even the big national brands. Differentiate or Disappear.
Branding • Positioning • Differentiation • Awareness • Loyalty

STAND OUT from the crowd SELLING 
Whether you’re responsible for hiring and development of your sales team…or you
ARE your sales team…you’ll see exactly what to look for and develop if you want
more business. Depending on your audience, we can cover anything from hiring and
training to skills development and motivation. You’ll create unique differentiation
points that will help you stand out from the crowd and close more…and bigger deals.
Selling Skills • Sales Management • Sales Team Development and Motivation

STAND OUT from the crowd MARKETING
Marketing has changed, and this program will help you get up to speed in today’s
gigabit-paced world. From online and social media to email…even traditional 
media…you’ll see what you have to do to stand out in a confused market and
bring in more business. The notes and doodles you take down during this session
will help you grow your sales and profits for years to come.
Market Strategy • Online, Social and Traditional Media • Copy And Design


Developed specifically for leaders and emerging leaders in smaller organizations. This

program will help you identify the skills and traits you need to effectively lead and

motivate your team. You’ll learn how to position yourself as a leader and grow your

field of influence at work, in your community and in your industry. (A great program

for associations that want to encourage people to be their leaders of the future!)

Leadership Skills And Attitudes • Motivation • Communication • Influence

Larry's presentation based on his book STAND OUT!, which is about business branding,
has been so popular that audiences started asking for a program on Personal Branding.
This session is for the individual who wants to be known and wants to carry some level
of influence. If you want to get ahead at work, in your community and community
organizations and in your industry, this session will give you skills and steps you can
take immediately to STAND OUT from the crowd.
Personal Brand • Individual Success • Positioning for the Individual • Self-Promotion.

STAND OUT from the crowd SERVICE
You spend a lot of money and energy to get prospects to make personal contact with your
organization. The people who greet them... in person or on the phone... become the face
or voice of your organization. And whether each prospective relatioinship moves forward
or dies is in their hands! This program can be for leaders who hire and train their service
team, or for the team members themselves. Invest in the people who represent you
directly to your consumer with this lively presntation.
Sevice  •  Motivation  •  Communication  •  Relationships  •  Service that SELLS