Larry Mersereau, CTC

Business Growth Author, Keynote Speaker, Seminar/Breakout Presenter

Business Growth: Simple, Doable...Effective

No convoluted theories, complex graphs, outdated quotes or trite bromides. Real-world ideas and insights you can use immediately to grow your organization.

Smart business leaders and marketers know who to turn to for the ideas and insights they need to grow their organizations: differentiation specialist Larry Mersereau, CTC.

          If your event attendees are responsible for growing their organizations,
          Larry's programs are all designed to help make it happen.

Your program participants will take home simple, doable... effective growth strategies and tactics they can put to work immediately grow their organizations and their own careers. Everything Larry does is customized for your attendees' unique situations. His typical groups are:


               • Business Owners and Leaders  • Marketers  • Sales Professionals 
                    • Dealers     • Distributors     • Retailers     • Franchisees
                    • Representatives    • Brokers   • Agents    • Wholesalers

A professional speaker since 1993, Larry has addressed well over a thousand audiences throughout the western hemisphere, both in keynote/general session settings and in breakout, workshop and seminar program situations. From corporate meeting audiences to association conventions, he has worked with audiences in a broad range of industries, always with the same mission: to help you STAND OUT from the crowd of other competing options and grow your organization.

When you hire a professional speaker, you deserve a solid return on investment, and Larry delivers.

Larry's books are all written to help small to mid-sized organizations grow. From his first book, the small business classic Shoestring Marketing to his latest: STAND OUT!, all feature simple, doable...effective strategies and tactics you can use immediadely.
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Here is an interview after one of Larry's presentations at a major trade show:

The press recently covered Larry's presentation on Personal Branding at a national convention. Yes, individuals can benefit from branding too. Differentiate or Disappear! Here's the article.